About Us

Our Experience
With 8 years of Experience, Gorilla Trek Africa provides the finest nature and culture-oriented Tours into equatorial regions of East Africa. Since 1999, we are delivering memorable adventures with expert guidance to thousands of vacationers to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Dr. Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.
Our Tour Packages include Gorilla Trekking Adventures , Wildlife Safaris, Excellent Bird watching, Culture Tours, Mountaineering adventures, Quad Biking / Cycling tours, camping, Honeymoon Trips, white water rafting, Car hire, River and Lake boat cruise among others.

Our Tour Packages and Areas of Operation
We professionally customize Mountain gorilla trekking packages, Chimpanzee Tracking, mountain hiking adventures, wildlife viewing tours, birding safaris, camping tours and honeymoon. Our emphasis is on providing you with a rewarding trekking experience amongst the most spectacular locations in Africa.

Experience up close the cries of colorful African equatorial birds, the lush smell of African dense rain forests, countless flowers and towering trees. Thrill to the sight of Hippos and Huge Nile crocodiles basking alongside your boat. Marvel at the incredible African Mountain Gorillas, iridescent butterflies of astounding colors, and captivating monkeys and Chimpanzees. Be amazed by the unique African Culture preserved in the Dark Continent for generations.
Our Boat cruise on the Magnificent Murchison falls and the Kazinga Channel are perfect for wildlife viewing in Africa. Our tailor-made itineraries emphasize our clients’ convenience in terms of budget and time.

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the wilderness of Africa, Trek the rare and endangered African Mountain Gorillas, track the Captivating wild Chimps while walking in pristine rainforest, or experiencing the unique African cultures, then our trips are for you.