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Rwanda Visa Application Procedures

Rwanda Visa Application Procedures

15:42 04 September in Travel documents

While going for a Rwanda safari, a valid Rwanda visa is a key travel document each foreign national to Rwanda must have. Travelers can apply for Rwanda visas while still in their home countries by visiting the Rwandan diplomatic missions to fill up the visa application forms which they submit for processing. For countries with no Rwanda diplomatic missions, travelers are required to apply online and print out the acceptance letter, which they present on arrival in Kigali to access the original visa.
For travelers who will have not applied online or from Rwanda diplomatic missions in their countries, they must apply for visa as soon as they reach Kigali the capital of Rwanda. On arrival, travelers without visa are required to transfer to Rwanda directorate general of immigration and emigration, pick up the visa application forms and fill them with their detailed information about themselves.

Interestingly, countries in a bilateral agreement with Rwanda such as Philippines, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Democratic Republic of Congo are allowed to visit and stay in Rwanda for 90 days without a visa. A single Rwanda visa costs 30usd and the validity depends on the visa class the traveler opts for. Travelers are reminded that there are no refunds in case the application fails or if they cancel plans of visiting Rwanda. Other travel documents such as
Yellow fever vaccination certificate, medical letters, marriage certificate if married, birth certificate, 2 pass port photos in black and white background taken within the last 6 months, the police clearance documents in true copies should be certified by the authority responsible. Also, travelers are required to present personal invitation letter, the contact information of the host the visitor, and the purpose and duration of the visit and the proof of the host’s status in Rwanda in case you are visiting friends and relatives who stay in Rwanda.

Alternatively, travelers going for a combined safari to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya can opt for an East African visa which make the borders of these countries borderless. A single East African visa allows travelers to enter and explore three countries of Uganda Rwanda and Kenya. This multiple entry visa costs 100usd valid for 90 days after which it expires and travelers have to pay for a new one or go back to their home countries. More still, if a traveler crosses to a non-multiple visa country, the visa card expires. This therefore means that travelers must stay within the boundaries of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for 90 days until the end of the safari.

An East African visa allow a traveler to fly into Kigali, cross over to Uganda and end the trip in the magical Kenya without applying for a new visa within 90days. If Uganda is the first destination to visit, travelers can apply for a visa online and then receive a scanned barcode email from Uganda immigration. Travelers are required to present this copy on arriving at Entebbe international airport. The visa sticker will be inserted into your passport and you will be free to explore Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya with borderless crossing for 90 days.
After the expiry of a visa card, travelers are given a grace period five days to renew their cards or travel back to their home countries. After five days with no renewal, a traveler is subjected to penalty and stopped from extending and renewing their visas. Travelers are reminded that Tanzania is not part of the East African borderless visa. It therefore require application for an independent Tanzania visa if travelers are willing to connect to the Tanzania after their combined safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Conclusively therefore, a valid visa and other related travel documents is a must have for all travelers. Apply now, get yourself a visa and explore East African countries with no limit.