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Gorilla Trek Africa brings you detailed useful information on you safari to Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of congo. this information has been gathered based on what our clients ask while inquiring and tells you what you need to know as you prepare to come for a trip. more still, the information concerns the requirements every traveler should have for a successful trip whether for mountain gorilla trekking, boat cruising, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing, nature walks, community visits, bird watching and nature walks among others. Every traveler should read carefully and understand the listed down information before and during the trip to ensure a successful safari experience.

Rwanda Visa

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The Rwanda visa is a must have for every traveler to the country costing 30usd. The visa can can and applied for online or else on arrival. Countries in a bilateral agreement with Rwanda such as Philippines, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Democratic Republic of Congo are allowed to visit and stay in Rwanda for 90 days without a visa.

Gorila Tracking Packing List

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For a successful gorilla trekking experience, travelers must have a clear packing list which include hiking boots for quick movements in the slippery muddy grounds, walking sticks for support, hand gloves for protection from thorns and enegrgy giving sacks and enough drinking water to keep them strong in the strenuous hikes.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Trekking rules and regulations
Travelers must be in good health conditions and must posses a medical letters and insurance details. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is a must have for every traveler to Rwanda and the vaccination must be taken day before the flight date.