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Our Booking Terms & Conditions

As professional tour operators, Gorilla Trek Africa has set terms and conditions regarding bookings and reservations. These conditions are aimed at ensuring smooth running of the our safari activities and at the same time meeting and exceeding our travelers expectations. Travelers are required to read carefully and understand our reservation policies before comfirming any reservation.

Upon confirmation of a Safari, a 30% deposit of the total safari cost is required during low season period so as to secure gorilla permits.
While during the peak seasons that runs from July to September we require a deposit of 40% of the total tour cost for the clients to secure the gorilla permits and accommodation reservations.
The balance can be paid on arrival.
Payments are made by international money transfer to the company bank account in Uganda.

Cancellation policy
All Cancellations received will be subject to the following forfeit of tour cost:
101 days and above 20%
61-100 days 30% of safari cost
46-60 days 50% of safari cost
16-45 days 80% of safari cost
0-15 days 100% of safari cost

What you need to know
Tour costs are based on all current costs and rates of exchange at the time of the transfer, any significant changes beyond our control will be immediately communicated to our clients.

We also retain the right to make alterations in any arrangements due to local conditions. We also retain the right to refuse any person from participating or continuing any tour if that person causes or is deemed to cause inconvenience or hazard to other clients and to our environment and ecosystems.

Please note that US dollar banknotes series before year 2000 are not easily acceptable in Rwanda but only with a low exchange rate, therefore clients are advised to travel to Rwanda with more recent banknotes series.
conclusively therefore, read our booking /reservations terms and conditions, agree to them and enjoy your gorilla and wildlife safari with Gorilla Trek Africa.